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"We are demonstrations, you and I, of what is to come next: transcendence. Humanous luminous, a new breed of being ready to bless, heal, transform the very boundaries of time."

~Paul Goldman

"Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are."

~Julius Charles Hare

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."

~Glade Byron Addams

Doreen Molloy

Psychic Reader and Spiritual Medium

Doreen has worked as an intuitive for nearly twenty years and is equally at ease in a private session... or performing in front of large audiences. Part of her work includes helping others reconnect with their loved ones in the Afterlife, an area she feels contributes not only to “healing the spirit of those left behind”, but also to the overall enlightenment of humanity.

Part of that effort includes working as a Lab Certified Medium since November, 2003 and more currently as an Integrative Research Medium for The University of Arizona's VERITAS Research Program. Ongoing research studies in mediumship communication and survival of consciousness are documented at The Human Energy Systems Laboratory under the guidance of Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. author of The Afterlife Experiments and The Truth About Medium.

Aside from providing psychic insight, Doreen Molloy is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist as well... and is pursuing a degree in Metaphysics. As a lecturer and a frequent guest on radio talk shows, Doreen offers her listeners a diverse understanding of life, death and the spiritual realm by exploring the different dimensions of reality, as well as taking questions from the audience. She is also the author of a highly-acclaimed book, Proof Positive (see below).

As a psychic advisor, Doreen's commitment is to provide others with insight and direction so that they may make the best decisions possible and achieve an authentic sense of "Well Being, Happiness and Spiritual Growth". You can make an Appointment right here at the web site for a phone reading.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Doreen can help you to connect with your Spiritual Guides. This can be a wonderful tool for those of you who may be exploring your life path; often times as we reach middle age, we find that we no longer resonate with the old paradigm, all those things that were taught to us from a very young age... And we start to realize that there must be more to life than just what we see on the surface. We begin to question other beliefs... and wonder what our true calling is... And yet, we're not sure where to find any grounded information in order to clarify our goals. Doreen refers to this as “soul searching” and it is not something you learn in a book, or from a friend – or even in one spiritual reading. Rather, it is a journey... and along the way, you just may find the opportunity to connect with your Higher Self and find the answers you seek. If this is something you have thought about, contact Doreen for a private reading; she will not only explain how to attain what you need in your life, but also how to recognize what your life path really is!

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Psychic readings, mediumship readings, family/group sessions, email consultations, channeled consultations and more.

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Doreen is an active guest speaker and organizes gallery-style readings near her New Jersey home.

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Hudson County, New Jersey 

NJ Residents - 201-325-9103
Outside NJ - 866-830-2709




Editorial Review from Amazon

This book will push the limits of your belief. It's about eye-opening distinctions that PROVE the Afterlife is REAL! PROOF POSITIVE is written in a philosophical style for people of all religious and social belief systems, while guiding the reader toward their own path of development and enlightenment. If you've ever wondered whether there is a difference between Spirituality and Religion, then this book is for you! It reveals so many detailed distinctions about paranormal phenomena, you'll be amazed that it's all in one book! FIND OUT ABOUT: The difference between Soul, Spirit and Higher Self. How beliefs create our psychological environment. Misconceptions perpetuated by religions and the media. Our historical conversations and the boxes we live in. How dreams are a Gateway to the Spirit World. Animal consciousness and interspecies communication. The Collective Consciousness of September 11th. The real difference between skeptics and debunkers. What constitutes proof of survival! A MUST-READ FOR ANYONE ON THE SOUL-SEARCHING JOURNEY!